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The Freestyle Club Episode 19: 9119 with Mark Milan

In this episode of The Freestyle Club – 9119 – Mark Milan, we welcome back Mark Milan to Freestyle. We sit down with Mark Milan to find out what he’s been up to since 1991 and what we can expect to hear during his 2019 comeback.

Mark takes us back to the begining when he first got into Freestyle. He tells how his two memorable hits, Foolish Pride and One Last Chance came about and which of the two is his favorite. We also acknowledge Norty Cotto’s role in the production process.

[zoomsounds_player config=”TFC-Player” songname=”The Freestyle Club – 9119 – Mark Milan” type=”detect” source=”″ thumb=”” alt=”TThe Freestyle Club – 9119 – Mark Milan” replace_artistname=”Mark Milan, CPR Jose Ortiz, and DaUnknownAdmin”]

The Freestyle Club ask Mark Milan that all-important question… Were you signed and if so, did you get paid. You may be surprised by Mark’s reply. Mark then tells us what he has been up to during his ’91 – ’19 absence from Freestyle.

Mark talks about being surprised by the fans response when he resurfaced on social media, He tells the Freestyle Club how he didn’t know just how far and how many fans his songs have touched and reached.

Finally, we talk about Mark’s upcoming projects, including the possibilities of remakes of his classic tracks. Mark describes the process of meeting and working with a new producer. Going through the initial meet and greet, to getting familiar and getting to work on a new track.

Hit Pick of The Week

  • Mark Milan: Magical by Lily Rose
  • CPR Jose Ortiz: Nunca by Alex of Latin Nation
  • DaUnknownAdmin: One Last Chance by Mark Milan

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