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Blah, Blah, 3-Peat – Bonus Episode 3

In this episode of The Freestyle Club – Blah, Blah, 3-Peat, we welcome back to The Third Chair Alisa ‘B, E’Dee, and Andre. In what is our biggest episode we catch up with three former members of The Club and see what they have been up to since being on the podcast.

We also touch on some of the feedback our listeners have been commenting on in our Facebook Group as well as some of the topics that are currently hot in Freestyle Music world.

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A’Lisa B

First up is the lovely and equally talented A’Lisa B. Since being on the Freestyle Club podcast, A’Lisa B has released a Spanish song called Africa. A song that she pays homage to her Latin supporters and her Motherland, a song that truly celebrates people of all colors. She has also been busy writing songs for herself and other artists. She’s also been busy in the studio getting songs out with Charlie Babie, Fulanito and 2 In A Room. And she promised to have “Memories of Love and “Sober” to be out later this year.

Africa by A'Lisa B

Available on Amazon:

Check Out A’Lisa B’s first appearance on The Freestyle Club.


Next up we had E’Dee come back on The Freestyle Club Podcast. E’Dee comes on to the podcast with both good and bad news. Firstly, the good news. E’dee is indeed still working on her album and we look forward to its release. Unfortunately, we find out that E’Dee has been diagnosed with the Big C. This will be her second bout with Breast Cancer and we hope that the community embrasses her and supports her during this difficult time.



We bring back Andre Faria of Six Centz to give us an update on what he’s been doing since his last appearance on The Freestyle Club. Andre gives us an update on his streaming efforts, what works and what doesn’t. He goes into great details on which services are the best to use based on payouts per streams. Andre continues showing his forward-thinking once again with the use of Groupon to promote his events.

Fan Feedback

During this segment we focus on the comments and questions from our listeners.

First up we tackle Tazee’s Question

We finish up by commenting on additional comments by Tazee and DJ Mikie Cubby.

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