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The Freestyle Club: Blah, Blah, Drama – Bonus Episode 5

This Blah Blah episode follows up on the Facebook Live videos made by POP & Freestyle Music Recording Artist Stevie B., Johnny O, and Frankie Cutlass. This time around The Freestyle Club is joined by special guest Nick Colon who explains the latest conflict between Frankie Cutlass and The Santana Twins. The Freestyle Club along with Nick Colon discuss the other Telenovela type drama that’s currently happening in the Freestyle Music genre that even includes our very own CPR Jose Ortiz.

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CPR Jose Ortiz goes deep into details about the reasons he has banned Romeo Entertainment’s Freestyle Music Vol. 1. He also discusses his issues with producer Tanassi Koulidis. Listen in as he takes us step by step, everything from the Planet Rock Beat to using known Freestyle Music producers as Work For Hire and removing all credits in the final productions.

CPR tackles the criticisms and outright bashing by some in the Freestyle Community. He takes us back to 2004 to tell us the origins of his dispute with Andrea Martin. We also cover the CPR “Villian or Not” discussions undertaken by Bernado and his guests. We close out the episode by going around the table to get everyone’s take on the drama, whether or not its a good or bad thing.

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