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Blah, Blah, Expansion – Bonus Episode 6

This Blah Blah episode officially welcomes Nick Colon as the 3rd member of The Freestyle Club. Nick first appeared on The Freestyle Club as a guest during episode 22: Unbreakable with Nick Colon. He has also appeared on The Fracking Flat leaves and Clubhouse Dance Music. Nick talks about doing his first interview with Freestyle Music pioneer Andy Panda during the Second Generation with Andy “Panda” Tripoli episode.

[zoomsounds_player config=”TFC-Player” songname=”Blah, Blah, Threesome – Bonus Episode 6 ” type=”detect” source=”″ thumb=”” alt=”Blah, Blah, Drama – Bonus Episode 5″ replace_artistname=”Nick Colon, CPR Jose Ortiz, Rafael DaUnknownAdmin Reyes”]

The Freestyle Club review fan feedback from Alex of Latin Nation who disagrees with us when it comes to artists taking responsibility for the projects they work on. Luis who doesn’t understand the hype over Jenee Renee’s latest hit song. We finish off fan feedback with Zeke, who goes in on Tanassi about his spamming of links on artists pages.

We discuss Freestyle Armageddon Day aka June 8th. It seems that everyone in Freestyle has an event on Saturday, June 8th. In typical Freestyle Fashion, the genre implodes over competing events. Instead of celebrating the fact that Freestyle Music is about to host multiple events on a single, we instead draw battle lines and take sides.

Royalty Radio has become the latest buzz word in the Freestyle community. The Freestyle Club attempts to break down the mission of Royalty Radio. CPR was approached for his Clubhouse Dance Music Logo, but other than that and a meeting to discuss generalities there isn’t much information about Royalty Radio. Stay tuned, if we get any new information we’ll be sure to pass it on.

We do a quick and dirty mid-year review of the latest songs in the Freestyle Music genre. We talk about the standouts during the first half of 2019. With songs from Shy, Jenni Renee, Jasmine Denis, A’Lisa B,, Aiki, Berrios vs Zone, Wendy, and Lily Rose. We also talk about the songs we are looking forward to in the second half of 2019. Songs include Shawn Davis, Julio Mena, A’Lisa B, Mark Milan, Sammy Zone, CPR Clubhouse Madness, and more.

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