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This Blah Blah episode is solely dedicated to fan feedback. We start off with a question we asked in our Facebook Group. “How Do You Think Freestyle Is Doing in 2019?” No one said Freestyle was doing worse than 2018, 7 respondents said that said it’s about the same and over 30 stated its doing better than 2019. CPR Jose Ortiz and DaUnknownAdmin give you their thoughts on the subject.

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We move on to the individual feedback segment and tackle each comment left by our listeners.

  • Gino Caporale Marketing the music better, better promotion. We unpack and examine how Freestyle Music is currently being marketed and promoted. From pre-order announcements that do not provide any pertinent information such as release date, links to purchase the item in advance.
  • Javier Rosario Let’s talk about music that makes a countdown for a month vs making a classic that rotates on peoples playlist for years!! I honestly feel the genre is still pumping out ” disposable freestyle ” and not ” I’m still gonna be jamming to this 20 years from now” music. We answer Javier’s aka “Tazee” question by doing a quick and dirty review of songs from 2018 and asking if anyone is still playing those songs.
  • Luis Santana The vicious circle of the freestyle genre. And music in general. How all cogs need to be firing in harmony.  Artist need to pay the producers The Santana Twins chime in with their own suggestions for The Freestyle Club to discuss. We examine how artists may be throwing money away chasing after cheap productions. We suggest a better path and greater value for their production money is to save for a quality production that can lead to getting bookings.
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