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Blah, Blah, Paper  – Bonus Episode 7

This Blah Blah episode focuses on the first year of The Freestyle Club. We reflect on our first year, from Episode 1 where we lost a co-host to reaching 40 episodes and picking up a new co-host, Nick Colon. We start by getting Nick’s thoughts on his experience so far. We compare The Freestyle Club to The Fracklin’ Flatleavers in concept and objectives. We examine the evolution of Freestyle Music’s first podcast from the Frackin’ Flatleavers to The Freestyle Club. We also briefly talk about our individual projects like CPR’s Clubhouse Dance Music, projected to reach 600 episodes by year’s end. DaUnknownAdmin‘s own podcast has hit the Top 100 music podcast on iTunes.

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We examine the content and quality of the episodes over the past year. From having artists coming on the show to reveal their most intimate experiences in the genre of Freestyle Music. Artists have told us how they were victims of their own devices by signing bad contracts and not having an attorney review them. Another reoccurring theme has been artists sharing the fact that many of them have either been bankrupt or close to it. Some had to even fight with their labels to keep their identity. We finish off the segment by discussing our wishlist for the rest of 2019.

We move on to our favorite songs so far in 2019. Songs such as Jenni Renee’s All Hooked Up, Aiki’s You Never Did Me Right, Audi Medina’s Need You Alone just to name a few. We follow up with songs we are looking forward to by Nyasia, Sammy Zone, C-Bank, George Lamond and George Anthony. We are unanimous in looking forward to is Memories of Love by A’Lisa B. Additionally, we discuss the upcoming CPR’s Clubhouse Compilation.

Finally, we get into the Topic of the Week, DJ The Shadow’s HOT 97 Freestyle Mix. We acknowledge his accomplishment of getting new Freestyle Music on a major radio station, Hot 97 in NYC. However, we express our disappointment with his choice of song selections. With there being many great Freestyle Music songs released in the past few years we are shocked by the playlist. We invoke the “Philip Anthony” rule, imagine being a listener who doesn’t listen to Freestyle Music and the first song you hear is not one of the best Freestyle songs.