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The Freestyle Club Episode 25: Brooklyn Goes Hard with Nyasia (Part 1)

Freestyle Music Recording Artists, Brooklyn’s Own Nyasia takes The Third Chair. We play catch up with Nyasia, discussing her migration from NY to Florida and briefly compare the differences between the two states. We then get straight to it with Nyasia and her experiences online, from Freestyle Music messages boards to Social Media platforms such as Facebook.

[zoomsounds_player config=”TFC-Player” songname=”Brooklyn Goes Hard with Nyasia” type=”detect” source=”″ thumb=”” alt=”Brooklyn Goes Hard with Nyasia” replace_artistname=”Nyasia, CPR Jose Ortiz, and DaUnknownAdmin”]

Nyasia reflects on the past and the toll it took on her personally and professionally. The GoFundMe topic comes up as Nyasia describes her experience using crowdfunding to raise funds to help support her son’s medical needs. She details the thought process behind using GoFundMe and backlash she received. We talk about the Freestyle Music industry as a whole. Bad contracts, labels, managers, etc is a recurring theme as Nyasia goes deep into her early years in the industry.

We ask Nyasia what pisses her off the most about the music and she doesn’t hold back. From the legends backstabbing and disrespectful behavior towards each other to the low ball offers from promoters. To the online wars, which she feels have only gotten worse with social media. We also talk about Jennifer Lopez mentioning Freestyle and the fans overreaction, as well as Marc Anthony’s role in Freestyle Music.

We go way back to talk about The Freestyle File, the pioneers of online Freestyle shows. Many years later, Nyasia and DJ Paradise are still receiving requests to bring back The Freestyle File. We go on to talk about her current and upcoming projects with TST The Santana Twins, George Anthony, and More.

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