Giveaway: April 2019 – Hiptronic – The Revolution

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Giveaway: April 2019 – Hiptronic – The Revolution

This month’s giveaway is Hiptronic – The Revolution (Digital Download). You must join our mailing list by April 14th in order to eligible for the April 15th drawing.

Go to our Subscribe Page to enter the Giveaway by entering a valid email address. Note you must confirm your subscription in order for us to receive your entry.

Hiptronic – The Revolution

  1. Time by Nick Colon
  2. Had to Get Away by Kimberly
  3. I’m Walking Out by Reinaldo
  4. Run Away by Ola
  5. Believe by Tyree Hernadez
  6. Dancing On the Moon by Pstar
  7. Love You Endlessly by Hiptronic

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