Second Generation with Andy “Panda” Tripoli

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The Freestyle Club Episode 26: Second Generation with Andy “Panda” Tripoli

The Freestyle Club sits down with the one and only, Song Writer and Producer Andy “Panda” Tripoli. We start things off with MTV’s 2nd Generation hosted by Tony Moran (one half of the Latin Rascals) and Andy Panda. Andy talks about the creation of the show, being picked up for a second season, the representation of Latinos and Latin Hip Hop music and the reasons for the show ultimately being canceled.

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Andy goes on to talk about the genesis of The Cover Girls. He explains how his love of Motown Music and groups like The Supremes and others inspired him to create his own girl group. We set out with the concept and shared his vision with Sal Abbatiello of Fever Records. Eventually, after a few initial replacement, they finalize the members of The Cover Girls and Andy pens Show Me.

We examine how Freestyle was “OUR” generation’s Salsa Music. We reminisce how our parent would play Salsa Music and how we grew up listening to Salsa Music. Now as we grew up our children, in turn, grew up listening to our version of Salsa Music with Freestyle Music. We also take note of how Old Salseros are not generally known to be accepting of new artists and how that mentality is now present in Freestyle Music.

Proving that Andy Panda listens to The Freestyle Club, he sets the record straight on Together Forever and the role that Frankie Cutlass played in the creation of this Freestyle Classic. Andy talks about Tony Moran and his many contributions to the Freestyle Music genre. We wrap up the interview with Andy sharing his upcoming Freestyle Music projects.

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