Less Is More with &More

Less Is More with &More

The Freestyle Club Episode 30: Less Is More with &More. We sit this week with Mic Mac Recording artist &More. Wilfredo Delvalle aka &More recorded hit songs such as You’ll Never Find Another Love, Materialistic Girl and Soul On Fire.

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&More tells the story of how &More started off as a group, who the members were and how &More are now a single person. We learn the roles that Marc Anthony, Frankie Cutlass, and Safire played in the early days of &More. We talk about the “unauthorized” remakes by other artists. How he felt and how he dealt with the issue. &More tells us about his contract with Mic Mac Records and why he asked to be released. We learn if he ever received any type of royalties and what role Safire played to get &More on SoundExchange.

The discussion continues with &More collaborating with Aby, formally of TKA. How they worked together to create Soul On Fire. We also get the details behind “More &More” the name created especially for “Less is More” a song that appeared on “Freestyle´s Elite Club” by Metropolitan Records. We learn about his other collaboration with Artie Rodriguez for the Artie and Friends Compilation.

&More states he is working on new music which will include new Freestyle and Salsa tracks. He talks about his influences in Salsa and we briefly talk about the similarities. We also discuss possible future collaborations. We dig into new Freestyle, who he listens to, which songs he likes, and how he has helped the new schoolers get exposure.

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