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The Lost Episode with Peter Fontaine

The Freestyle Club Episode 27: The Lost Episode with Peter Fontaine. We talk to Peter Fontaine and find out how he got his start in Freestyle Music. Peter tells us about meeting various artists and producers in the Freestyle genre. He mentions how Frankie Cutlass helped him with during his start in Freestyle. He also laments the advice Frankie gave him regarding Mic Mac vs High Power Records.

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As is traditional at The Freestyle Club, we talk about signing bonuses and contract terms. Peter breaks down what his contract was and how he was able to get out of the contract under Tony Garcia and High Power Records. We also touch on the “replacement” of Peter Fontaine by NV, and what his thoughts are. During his time at High Power Records, Peter also wrote songs for his label mates and he briefly goes over a few of those songs.

Peter talks about his feeling regarding the Freestyle Music industry and how he has mixed feelings about returning to the genre. Peter breaks down how Eyes of Deception (2018 Remix)  ended up on the In a Class of Our Own, Vol. 3: The Class Menagerie. The Freestyle Club talk to Peter about today’s Freestyle and how we think it can be updated and improved.

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