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The Freestyle Club Episode 22: Unbreakable with Nick Colon

Nick Colon finally takes The Third Chair to become a Tripe Threat having cohosted on Clubhouse Dance Music, The Frackin’ Flat Leavers and now The Freestyle Club. The Oldest and Newest member of The Freestyle Club opens up about working with different producers and writing for other artists.

[zoomsounds_player config=”TFC-Player” songname=”TThe Freestyle Club: Unbreakable” type=”detect” source=”″ thumb=”” alt=”The Freestyle Club: Unbreakable” replace_artistname=”Nick Colon, CPR Jose Ortiz, and DaUnknownAdmin”]

Nick Colon talks about being signed with Cutting Records and TST (The Santana Twins). And YES we do ask Nick if he got paid and if he received a signing bonus (How Could You Doubt Us!). We also talk about the break out song Broken and how it has topped the Countdowns. Soon after a remix was released and once again Broken dominated the Freestyle Music Countdowns.

We get to the bottom of why we don’t see Nick performing more often. What his thoughts are about the flurry of songs containing the Planet Rock Beat. Nick talks about working with the Santana Twins and how they stand apart from other producers.

Nick also talks about songs that are in the works with him either singing or writing for other artists. We learn that there is not only a new song in the works and coming out soon(ish). We also learn that there will be a Nick Colon EP, in addition to an appearance on an upcoming compilation.

Fan Feedback

This week we have fan feed back straight from the Artist himself. We held on to his comment from the very first week of The Freestyle Club. Tune in to hear what he had to say about The Freestyle Club.

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